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In the past decade over two million Ugandans have died from AIDS. Because of this, approximately 1.8 million Ugandan children are orphans today.

With no one left to care for them, many of these children live in child-headed homes. They do not go to school like other children. They have little hope. Through no fault of their own, their childhoods have been stolen from them.

Mosaic has been asked to help these children. Will you help us help them?

Here is our story…

My name is Shannon Irvine, My husband Micah and I are the principal directors of Mosaic Vision. Two years ago in prayer, the Lord gave me a vision of a ministry that would weave together the gifts and talents of many different people for one purpose. With this in mind, Mosaic Vision was founded, but at this point all the Lord had shown me was the structure of the ministry. He had not yet revealed its purpose.

In October of last year, the Lord began invading my prayers with visions of the suffering due to AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. These visions continued until I felt that the Lord was asking me, “How are you going to stand before Me without having tried to help these people?”

At this point I thought of all the organizations that are already working in Africa, but the Lord did not let go of me. Every time that I prayed I felt that He was saying, “Not what are others doing, but what are you doing about AIDS?” Finally, a little afraid, I asked the Lord, “What is it that you want me to do?”

This past July, I traveled to Uganda. One night while I was there, I ate dinner with a handful of Ugandan pastors. Over the course of this meal these men poured out their hearts regarding the plight of AIDS-orphans in their villages. During this discussion, one of the pastors told me the story of two such orphans that he had just become aware of. Their names are, Daniel and Dorcas.

Daniel and Dorcas’ parents died four years ago from AIDS. Since then, these children have been living on their own. There is no one in their village who can afford to care for them. With no one left to tend it, their meager home became overgrown with trees and bushes, yet these children continued to live there alone. While listening to their story I began to understand that this was where the Lord was calling Mosaic to help.

Here is what we propose to do…

Mosaic recognizes that we cannot help all of the AIDS orphans of Uganda. There are too many. We are convinced, however, that we can make life saving differences in the lives of many. This is where you come in.

Our approach is simple. Most effective solutions are.

Beginning with Daniel and Dorcas, Mosaic will work with local churches to restore the childhoods of orphans living in child-headed homes. We will do this by connecting caregivers from the local community with child-headed households. Because of the devastating effect that AIDS has had upon Uganda, most of these caregivers will have lost their own spouses due to AIDS. It is our hope that Mosaic Care homes will bless the children as well as their care givers.

Once the connection between a child-headed home and a care giver is made, a care home can become the home of up to ten orphans. By limiting the number of children in each home, Mosaic hopes to provide a family environment for these otherwise destitute children.

Having a caregiver in their home will enable these children to be children again. They will no longer have to worry about where their next meal will come from. In stead, they can attend school and when they come home from school there will be an adult waiting to hear about their day.

Because we will work with local churches, the caregivers in Mosaic homes will be selected by the local church. In this way, Mosaic will ensure that the children who live in Mosaic homes have the opportunity learn about the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ.

In addition to blessing the children and care givers, we also hope to bless the local church by providing employment for their members and enabling them to fulfill God’s will for them, which we believe is sharing the Gospel and caring for those who cannot care for themselves.

The blessings of Mosaic homes, however, will not stop here. The children that live in Mosaic homes will need to be clothed and fed. They will attend local schools and will require medical care. To meet these needs, goods and services will be purchased from the local community. In this way, Mosaic homes will bless their communities and the blessings of a few are multiplied.

Mosaic has begun this important work on behalf of Daniel and Dorcas in Rukungiri, one of the areas hardest hit by AIDS in all of Uganda. Our plan is to develop a model for care homes first in Rukungiri village using Daniel and Dorcas’ home as a pilot. Then, with the Lord’s blessing, we hope to replicate this model in other villages throughout Uganda.

Will you help us?

In addition to providing caregivers for child-headed households, Mosaic also seeks to improve the living conditions of the communities we serve by partnering with other groups with expertise in the areas such as education, water, sanitation, medical, etc.

Here is how you can help…

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